McNamara & Yates Offers Bankruptcy Division

( — July 28, 2015) Sandwich, MA — In the past, filing bankruptcy carried a social stigma that probably kept many people from seeking out this alternative. While the perception of filing bankruptcy may have changed, many struggling households do not seek out this option simply out of not knowing what it entails. With that in mind, McNamara amp; Yates, a Sandwich, MA-based law firm, has established a bankruptcy division to better serve people who can benefit from the new beginning filing for bankruptcy can provide.

The new division, under the leadership of Attorney Timothy McNamara, will specialize in Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 bankruptcy filings. Like most bankruptcy...


Vroom raises $54M to bring the car buying experience online

When I was a kid I went with my mother to help her buy a new car, and I remember how much of a pain the dealership was in their negotiations. She wound up bying a showroom car, meaning one that was already on premises, and the big fight she had with them over the destination fee they wanted to charge. How could they justify a charge for transporting something they already had? Who knows.

Its no secret that buying a car can be really stressful because of things like that. That is Vroom, comes in. The companyonline pre-owned car retailer that seeks to tack the hassle out of the experience by increasing transparency.

Vroom announced on Monday that is now raised a $54 million...


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DEAR CAR TALK: How much damage to the starter and other parts is done if you mistakenly try to start the car when it is already running?

— Joe

DEAR JOE: How often do you do it? Is this a daily event? If so, Im going to recommend that you look into Miracle Ear.

Actually, its rarely the starter that gets damaged. Its more often the flywheel — which is the larger gear that the starter gear meshes with.

Theyre both pretty tough, and accidentally starting the car when its already running once in a blue moon probably will not do any damage. If its done repeatedly, though, you can wear down or break a tooth on the flywheel.

And if you have a flat spot...


50 Cent’s comments on ‘Conan’ are coming back to haunt him in court

Team Coco50 Cent on Conan on July 15.

On July 15, Curtis â??50 Centâ? Jackson went on TBSâ?? â??Conanâ? to promote his new film, â??Southpaw.â? During the appearance, the rapper/actor also addressed his filing for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection just two days prior.

He explained to host Conan Oâ??Brien: â??Yeah, I need protection. You get a bullâ??s-eye painted on your back when youâ??re successful, and itâ??s public. You become the ideal person for lawsuits.â?

Jackson filed for bankruptcy days after he was ordered to pay $5 million to rival rapper Rick Ross ex-girlfriend, Lastonia Leviston, who sued him for posting a sex tape online to millions...


Surveillance video shows woman racking up purchases in Shawnee with stolen …

We typically see more car burglaries in the summertime, and this Julys no different even at a childrens theater in Shawnee.

The smash and grab happened in broad daylight outside the Shawnee Little Theater on Airport Drive.

The surveillance camera from the school next door was rolling as a silver convertible pulled into the parking lot.

A woman in a black dress can be seen walking around the cars, then breaking into a vehicle to steal a purse.

Within minutes, police say debit and credit cards stolen from that purse were being used around town.

“Her credit cards were used at local businesses, and so we were able to track down video from Walmart and Lowes,”...


Tompor: There are two ways of looking at zero; it’s great if you’re buying a …

Zero is a number that should mean the same thing to everyone. Zip. Nothing. Nada.

But there’s a polar opposite of emotion when people discover they can pay no interest for a car loan, and they’re shocked to learn they will get absolutely no return on savings.

The zero percent car loan looks great; the zero percent rate on an inflation-indexed I Bond does not.

We’re in a whacked-out kind of world now where borrowers are loving low interest rates and savers are grumbling all the way to the bank. We got to this place, of course, after the Federal Reserve drove down interest rates to shore up the US economy.

As much as savers hate it, some economists...


Man Accused Of Shopping Spree With Stolen Credit Cards

Police are hoping a man caught on surveillance will look familiar to someone.

Officers believe the man caught on camera used stolen credit cards at several Pueblo businesses on July 9.

The suspect is described as a 6-foot-tall Hispanic man, weighing about 280 pounds. As seen in the surveillance still, he was sporting a mustache and goatee at the time of the alleged crime spree and has several tattoos on his arms.

Police say a girl was with him. She is believed to be under 18.

If you know who the suspect is, you are asked to call Pueblo Crime Stoppers at 719-542-STOP.


2 cut gym locks, used stolen credit cards, police say

Vincent Rush, left, and Daniel Roane. (submitted)

HARRISBURG, Pa. (WHTM) Two men were arrested after police said they stole from lockers at a suburban Harrisburg gym and used stolen credit cards at a nearby store.

Vincent Rush, 52, of Baltimore, and Daniel Roane, 67, of Washington, DC, used the stolen cards to make several high-end purchases at the Home Depot on Jonestown Road last week, according to Lower Paxton Township police.

They were found in possession of credit cards and personal items that had been stolen from Golds Gym on Linglestown Road, where three lockers had their locks cut and replaced with...


Saying goodbye to an old friend

Ford Escort for $8,995.

I knew the wagon was on its last legs and I had even started asking my mechanic and other people if they knew of a good used car for sale. But, I was hoping the Ford would last through the summer so that I could recoup a bit of the money I had just spent. I decided it was time to take a road trip to Carmax which is inconveniently located on the frontage road next to the Edens Expressway in Northbrook. I hadnt taken the Ford on the expressway for several weeks since it was sputtering whenever I started it after short journeys and it lurched if I had to stop suddenly. I decided to take a chance. My husband, Martin, and I set off for Carmax last Monday morning....