A car lease lets you upgrade as often as a phone deal, but there are costs

lsquo;lsquo;Thirty years ago, if you rolled up next to someone riding in a BMW or a Porsche and you said lsquo;That car is leased, it was one of the biggest insults you could throw at someone, said Mark Wakefield, a managing director at AlixPartners. lsquo;lsquo;Now youd say, lsquo;Yeah? So, what?

Attitudes began changing in the late 1990s, when mainstream buyers began leasing family sedans from Honda and Toyota.

Today, with the economy improving and the financial crisis receding in the rear-view mirror, leasing is gaining traction once again. Automakers and banks are piling in because theyre betting that a robust used-car market means leased vehicles will hold their value after...


Jailed Apple phishing duo also imported pickpockets and cloned credit cards

Hows this for irony? A pair of fraudsters phished bank account details out of over 150 Apple users by sending them hairy-scary messages about their accounts having been compromised.

Naturally, those accounts werent compromised before the messages came, but they sure were compromised in short order after the crooks coerced people into sending account details to a bogus website.

Londons Metropolitan Police said in a release that the duo sent emails claiming to be from Apple.

The emails directed victims to update details for the purportedly compromised accounts by clicking on a link to a bogus website.

When the unsuspecting victims complied, sending data that included...


Credit cards covering rental car insurance

American Express, Visa, Mastercard and Discover all offer some sort of rental car coverage. You should check with them before you go on your trip but it may be far cheaper than buying that supplemental coverage, says CBS News business analyst Jill Schlesinger.

Different credit cards offer different levels of coverage and different limitations, so youll want to check the details. The other place to call is your insurance company. If you have your own car at home, your auto policy may extend to rentals.

More exotic cars or off-road vehicles might be excluded, so if thats a part of your travel plan, make sure to read the fine print on your police before you hit the road.


8 facts about credit cards and car rental insurance

Its summertime, and peak season for vacationers and car rentals. Even though most standard auto insurance policies cover rental cars, roughly 20% of consumers always purchase supplemental coverage when renting a car, and 20% do occasionally,according to a study by Progressive.Why? A study by the National Assn. of Insurance Comissioners finds that 62% of consumers dont think their personal auto insurance automatically covers rentals, and 24% arent sure whether their credit cards provide any coverage.

Most credit card companies offer some sort of free rental car collision coverage, along with other perks. But what exactly does it cover? A recent report by CardHub examineseach major card...


Newly-Launched Trucoin Allows Consumers to Buy Bitcoin With Credit Cards

Think about a list of complaints people have when it comes to bitcoin. Surely, one of the items on the list is the inability to acquire the digital currency easily.

Having to deal with banks, long transfer times, and other obstacles, it can be a hassle.

But we’ve just learned about a new website that has just launched which promises to be the fastest way for consumers to get their paws on bitcoin using nothing but a credit card.

Dubbed Trucoin, the service is accepting VISA and MasterCard payment methods, but only from a few US States at the moment (we imagine this has something to do with complying with regulations).

Those states, as of this time, include: Florida,...


147 fraudulent debit, credit cards seized; 2 people arrested

BLYTHE, Calif. — Yuma Sector Border Patrol agents arrested two people after seizing 147 fraudulent debit and pre-paid credit cards on Monday.

Blythe Station agents discovered the cards while performing a vehicle stop.

Officials said the card numbers and names were scratched off, and the names of the driver and passenger were stamped on the cards.

An officer with the Blythe Police Department responded to the scene and cited both suspects with felony possession of fraudulent credit cards and money laundering.

The Blythe Police Department took custody of the fraudulent cards. Both suspects were processed at Blythe Station and placed in removal proceedings.


VIP credit cards flaunt swanky stainless steel but plastic fine for most

A stark black envelope for this credit card pitch has the words #x201C;By Limited Invitation#x201D; printed in silver on the back flap.

The trappings of swanky lifestyle dot the flyer that talks of VIP treatment at hotels and villas, free luxury gifts, access to VIP airport lounges and 25,000 bonus points when you spend $1,500 on eligible purchases within 90 days of opening the account.

The Visa Black Card, issued by Barclays, is made of stainless steel and has a $495 annual fee to match that luxury look. Plus you could spend $195 each year for each authorized user.

Just seeing a high-end credit card promotion hit area mailboxes should be a clue that we#x2019;re...


Police: Woman makes more than $900 in purchases with stolen credit cards

BAKERSFIELD, Calif. (KBAK/KBFX) – Police are looking for a woman suspected of stealing a wallet from someone having lunch at Panera Bread on Stockdale Highway and then making hundreds of dollars in fraudulent purchases with the victims credit card.

The stolen credit card was used within an hour of the June 22 theft to buy over $900 worth of gift cards and merchandise from a CVS store. The person who stole the wallet tried, but was unsuccessful, to make additional purchases with the stolen credit cards, according to police.

Thursday, police released surveillance photos of the suspect.

Anyone who recognizes the suspect and can help police identify and locate her is asked...