Police: Man stole credit cards at UTSA rec center

SAN ANTONIO – A 22-year-old suspect will have to answer to criminal charges in court for allegedly stealing from a man at a basketball court.

Darrian Hunter was arrested Monday on a charge of credit card abuse stemming from the Dec. 9 incident.

An arrest warrant affidavit stated that police at the University of Texas at San Antonio received a report from a man on Dec. 9, saying that someone had stolen his credit cards and cash from his wallet while he played basketball at a campus rec center.

The credit cards then were used to make purchases at several stores, the affidavit stated.

Investigators obtained surveillance video from the school and the stores, and they...


The Average American Has This Much Credit Card Debt. How Do You Compare?

Thats not good news given that credit card rating agencies like Equifax penalize people when their balances get above 30% of their limit.

Those penalties, which come in the form of a lower credit score, can result in higher interest rates that can cost consumers thousands of dollars over the course of a loan. Even worse, those lower credit scores could result in a bank denying a loan for important purchases like an auto or home.

Just how big of a financial impact can a lower score have on your financial future? Borrowing $165,000 to buy a home at 4.5% would mean that the purchaser would pay $135,971 in interest over the life of a 30-year loan. However, if a low credit score means...


Staples: Customer credit cards exposed in security breach

A number of retailers have suffered security breaches in recent memory.

During last years holiday shopping season, Target Corp. disclosed that it was hit with an attack that exposed details of as many as 40 million credit and debit card accounts. Home Depot announced in September that a data breach affected 56 million debit and credit cards, and later said hackers also stole 53 million email addresses. And the cyberattack on Sony Pictures Entertainment that came into the spotlight this week has put a number of companies on high alert to attend to the security of their own networks.


For more information about the incident, including dates of potential...


Bad Credit Car Loans Easier to Get, Says New Study by

>PRWEB.COM Newswire

Richmond, VA (PRWEB) December 15, 2014

A new study by published on December 9 presents good news for people with bad credit who need car loans. Citing data from the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, the leader in auto financing found that nearly 25% of car loans made during 2013 were made to consumers with credit scores of 620 or below. The study also reported that total value of auto loans to people with credit scores below 660 have doubled since 2009.,...


How rent payments could boost your credit score

Experian has started including positive rental payments in its credit reports, and TransUnion rolled out a tool that would make it easier for property managers to report payments to credit bureaus. Equifax says it doesn#x2019;t track rental payments and doesn#x2019;t have any programs in the works.

In the rare instances that rental payments are included, some people with subprime credit benefit from having more evidence that they are good about paying bills on time, Doherty says. By the same token, people who pay late because of financial struggles could end up with another scar on their credit reports.

Doherty spoke about how including rental payments...


Credit Card Use Rebounded in Q2

Credit-card spending, which fell during the first three months of 2014, rebounded in the second quarter, according to a quarterly report by the American Bankers Association released Wednesday (Dec. 17).

Spending by users of subprime credit cards jumped 14.3 percent during Q2, while prime credit-card spending rose 10.3 percent and super-prime account purchases increased 8.2 percent.

In a sign of an improving economy, the share of credit-card users who pay off their balances each month rose by 0.6 points to 29 percent of all accounts. Outstanding credit-card debt as a share of disposable income was little changed at 5.2 percent, a 15-year low.

The number of new credit-card...


Potential ARM Game Changers to Watch for in 2015

As we wrap up another year, let’s take a few moments to ponder some of the potentially big game changers looming on the horizon in 2015 and beyond for US ARM companies and their possible implications.

An increased demand for health care. Starting next year, the baby boomer generation – the largest population group in the United States, estimated to be 77.3 million people and nearly 25% of the US population – will begin retiring from the labor force. The health care industry is expected to grow rapidly to meet the needs of this aging population. In order to service these numbers, hospitals, senior living centers, doctors’ offices and other health care...


Do’s and don’ts of buying a car

Buying a new or used car can be overwhelming for some people. The experience of walking into a dealership and negotiating the right price of a car is not easy by any means. But, customers can make things easy for themselves by doing their homework before they talk business with a dealer or a private vendor.
Some of the basics first: A buyer needs to identify the right car for him and his family. Does he need a sports coupe, a saloon, an SUV or a truck?
Once he is settled on the type of vehicle he needs, he should work out his budget. Buyers get the best terms if they pay in cash. They can sell their own old vehicle privately and if they need to borrow money they should go to a bank...


Crown CEO, nominated for national dealer of the year, discusses car business

Crown Automotive Groups CEO and owner Dwayne Hawkins has been nominated for Time magazines Dealer of the Year award. Hes one of 55 dealers out of 17,000 nationwide to be chosen. Hawkins, 79, will be honored Jan. 23 at the 98th annual National Automobile Dealers Association convention in San Francisco.

Heres what the automotive veteran has to say about the nomination, the industry and buying a car.

What do you drive?

We change them out about every 4,500 miles. Right now Im in a Mercedes. (Gray, S Class.)

Whats the favorite car youve ever owned?

I really enjoyed driving a 1963 Pontiac GTO. It was a fabulous car and it ran right up there with Corvettes....


Do I Owe HOA Fees After Getting Evicted?

Dear Bankruptcy Adviser,

I filed bankruptcy at the end of 2011 and it was finished in March 2012. I just got a letter from the homeowners association saying I owe them money, even though the association kicked me out with a sheriff back in 2011. What can I do? — Laura

Dear Laura,

That definitely is an interesting situation. I would be curious to see the letter from the association. It may not have any right to collect from you because, based on what you are saying, the association may have foreclosed on your property prior to the filing of your bankruptcy case. That would eliminate your obligation to pay any outstanding balance.

Homeowners associations, or HOAs,...